A Segue: A Thought-Provoking Blog Award

I have been nominated for a Thought-Provoking Blog Award. I am honored, and humbled. I was nominated by a friend of mine, Amanda Bretz of Amanda’s Blog. (And, as an aside, can I just say this embedding links thing is turning out to be a proper pain in my hind end?)

The Rules of this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
Well, Miss Amanda, thank you very much. I appreciate you walking beside me on this journey of ours down the dark paths of grief. We keep trying, and that has to count for something. Probably everything, in the end. Thank you.

2. Post the image on your blog.
Well, that part I’ve got figured out, anyway. Now if I could just sort out that embedding thing…

3. Share seven things about yourself.

1. When I was little-a toddler-I used to love football. Was absolutely fascinated by it. But one day I saw a player take his helmet off on the sidelines and utterly lost interest after that. I have no idea what I thought football players were, if not people. Robots, maybe?

2. I make my own soap and lotions. I haven’t used commercially produced soap in over a decade.

3. “You have an extreme intolerance for a lot of things, the chief of which being bullshit.” Dustin had me figured out like no one else ever has, and he was right on the money with that one.

4. I have two black cats, one male, one female, both named Max. It’s a long story and I swear to God it’s not my fault. I was set up.

5. The movie Munich traumatized me so badly I made the Bella the enormous golden retriever sleep with me that night.

6. I am a supertaster. It is not as much fun as it sounds like it might be.

7. I don’t read many other blogs. I’m in a very selfish kind of phase right at the moment.

4. Pass the award to five blogs you enjoy.
Well, this will be a bit of a neat trick, since I just confessed I don’t read many other blogs. Oh, well, here goes:

http://www.authoramandabretz.wordpress.com (sorry, Amanda, I know it’s cheating, but yours is one of the few I do keep up with)